Boat Trips in Marmaris 


Boat trips in Marmaris has helped this destination to became one of the best tourist destinations in the world. This Mediterranean resort town is on the Turquoise Coast, which has a busy beach and seafront pathway. The fact that is located between the clear waters and pine-forested mountains has made is a great land to explore.

It is a small paradise on its own and has so many activities that it can offer. Taking a Marmaris boat trip is one of the key attractions for the thousands of holidaymakers that come to this town. There are so many other activities that you can do and enjoy your vacation in Marmaris.


Diverse Boat Trips

For those who would love to explore the destination in great details, boat trips would be the best option. Taking a Dalyan boat trip will help you appreciate the beauty of the clear waters in this region. The main advantage of the various boat trips is the fact that you can have other activities like a diving trip or even fishing. So when you take the Aegean boat trip, you should include more activities, which will make the excursion worthwhile. You can get guided tours, which will make your Kleopatra boat trip worthwhile.


Guided Excursions

We have an experienced team that will help you achieve your dream of a perfect holiday. We will organise relaxing and fulfilling boat trips, and we can include so many other activities to make it all-inclusive. Have you ever considered taking a Rhodes Island trip? Well, this is the perfect opportunity, and with the inclusion of fishing and other water sports, you will want to repeat this, a number of times.

If this is the first time to be in Marmaris, you will definitely need to take a Marmaris boat trip to all the popular bays. We also have exclusive spots, where we will take breaks, and you can choose to go for snorkelling or swimming.


Marmaris Boat trip

The only way that the Marmaris boat trip will not happen is if the weather is snowy. However, on a perfect sunny day, you can take a diving trip coupled with sessions of sunbathing. Our boating trips will also include fun activities at the local villages and also taking a break to walk on the shores so as to enjoy the breeze on the beach and walking on the sand. This would not be complete without boarding the famous  Pirate ship in Marmaris.

As long as you have landed in Marmaris, there are so many activities to do, and you can never get bored. Everything works to your advantage, and this will defiantly be a perfect holiday. If you are planning to come to this resort town, you should include a Marmaris boat trip in your itinerary.


Icmeler Boat Trips 

Now, the truth is that there are quite a lot of good ways to spend your vacation during the summer. However, there is nothing that can match the relaxation of a great boat trip off the pristine and golden beaches of Turkey. Icmeler is one of the greatest destinations if you are going to be doing so and booking an Icmeler boat trip could be a worthwhile decision. The quiet resort town is located at the western tip of the Gulf of Marmaris. It is where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea. It got its name from the various drinking water sources that are known to be good for the digestive system.


Enjoy a Turunc Boat Trip


While in Turunc you can enjoy one of the most amazing trips. Take an all inclusive Turunc boat trip with shuttle services from your hotel and back. Besides swimming, drinks, and lunch, you make stops in various places such as Aquarium Bay, Phosphorous caves, Fish Bay, Paradise Island and Kumbuluk Bay. Make it unforgatable whilist you are enjoying a lovely holiday in Marmaris.

Every so often, your ship’s captain will drop anchor at some of the region’s prettiest spots. Plunge into the azure depths for a quick swim or even grab some snorkelling gear and go off to explore the colourful creatures that keep Medeteranian marine life abuzz.


Take a Dalyan Boat Trip to Enjoy Thermal Mud Baths


One unique factor of your Dalyan boat trip is that you enjoy the famous thermal mud baths. You also get a chance to see the loggerhead sea turtle at the Iztuzu which is also unique. Here you witness a rare beach that has fresh and salty water that do not mix. This is also home of ancient kingdom of Caunos . According to mythology Kaunos was founded by King Kaunos, son of the Carian King Miletus and Kyane, and grandson of Apollo.

The south of Dalyan on the Mediterranean coast, lies (Iztuzu) Dalyan Turtle Beach, near the village of the same name is a popular area for sunbathing and swimming. There are regular boat and minibus services to the beach.


Amazing Kleopatra Boat Trip


Enjoy spectacular views along the way as you head to Cleopatra Island. Its name is derived from the myth that Cleopatra received the island from Antony. Enjoy a Kleopatra boat trip for amazing views of the surrounding with a fully insured trip. You will have a knowledgeable English speaking guide, with lunch and drinks as well as entrance fee to Cleopatra’s Island.

Each grain of sand is a perfect sphere, for this reason the beach is heavily protected by the government to prevent any sand being removed from the beach. According to legend, Anthony and Cleopatra swam here and the sands were brought by ships from North Africa.


The Historical Agean Boat Trip


Sail away in the Hisaronu Bay during your Agean boat trip. Learn about the ancient Greek monasteries from an English speaking crew. Interesting places are Inbuku, Semiliye, and Turgut Bays. The bay is only 30 min away travelling by bus first and then getting on a double wooden decker. Enjoy the the sun beats from that Egean side of Marmaris. This is where Greek mitology was born.

If you are into sea tourism and appreciate nature, you should make a point of visiting Aegean Island which is located in Hisaronu Bay . Here you will get to enjoy the quietness of the secluded islands, and it takes you away from the busy life of Marmaris Peninsula.


Pirate Ship



There is no better experience like going on a trip on the  pirate ship. It is the largest in Europe with the personnel dressed as pirates. The little ones will love animation; there is an open buffet and unlimited drinks. The ship is well equipped, and everyone will love being aboard. Later on the day there are entertainment prepared especially for kids. The main one is the treasure finding.

There are tons of different rooms both inside and outside the Barbossa Pirate Ship.  On the deck of the ship, visitors can sunbathe, and there are also sofas and tables that will provide you an opportunity to relax.  Water, baileys, soft drinks, vodka, and beers are overflowing.  The staffs are also conducting party games that will keeps the kids happy.




If you love fishing or you would like to give it a try, it will be an amazing experience. The best thing with fishing trips  is that you are assured of seeing your catch with the fish finder computers equipped boats. You can opt for a morning or an evening fishing trip. The guide and the captain will take you to the most rewarding areas. Its the right time to satisy your hunting instincts and maybe get the biggest trophey of  your lifetime.

The actual trip is half a day once in the morning and once in the afternoon but you can always rent a boat for a whole day for your own if you wish.


Taking a Rhodes Island Trip


Rhodes Island trip, you will learn history worth thousands of years back.

You get a golden opportunity to take numerous boat trips and go fishing as you discover the beautiful Mediterranean coast line. You have knowledgeable guides, and throughout your boat trip, you are in safe hands with lunch, soft drinks, wine and transport offered during your tour.


Hotel Transportation

The last thing you’d expect out of your vacation has to make additional arrangements for your transportation. Taking a chill day on a boat might be a great idea, but if you had to get up a few hours early just to get to the dock, the entire idea gets rather ruined. That’s why you want to look for  boat trips which feature hotel transportation – it’s truly important


English Speaking Crew

This is another thing that you need to take into account. Now, even though it’s true that Turkey is an overly popular tourist attraction, it’s also true that not all of the crew members might be able to speak English. And, if there is one thing that you should dislike, that’s the language barrier. As such, it’s important to check whether the crew speaks English in advance.


Lunch, Soft Drinks – Important Considerations

The last thing that you would want on your boat trip is to end up hungry and thirsty mid-day. This is absolutely devastating, and it’s going to ruin your trip incredibly quickly. You need to make sure that the trip has lunch included as well as common soft drinks, wine, and refreshing beer. This is definitely going to help you through the day and enable you to truly enjoy your trip.