Places to See and Visit in Marmaris and Surroundings

Places to See and Visit in Marmaris are endless. People are often lost when it comes to tourism destinations because they want to pack many  activities and site visits in the same trip. This helps to see an area of the world, albeit not exhaustively. It also helps to maximise on the airfare and the hotel booking that one has to pay for during the trip. While some areas have fewer activities, others are laden with so many things to do that you cannot exhaust them all. Turkey is one of these places.

Marmaris is a popular resort in Southwest Turkey. If you are looking for a vacation spot then this is it. There are so many places to see and visit in Marmaris and surroundings. You need to have a list of things and sites that you have to prioritise. Otherwise, you might end up not doing or seeing even a quarter of what Marmaris has to offer. There are beaches, water parks, a dolphin park, historical sites and museums among other things. You should consider including some of the following:


Water Parks


Marmaris water parks are some of the resort’s main attraction. While different hotels have smaller water parks, the great attraction comes from the major water parks. Aqua Dream Water Park is the largest in Marmaris. It is located in Armutalan district and has so many activities for people of all ages. There are different slides, an aqua tower, a black hole, kamikaze slides, rafting slides, a wave pool, bars, and restaurants.

Atlantis Water Park, the most popular attraction especially with children and teenagers, also offer fun and entertainment for both the old and the young. It is located in Siteler District and offers a variety of slides, wave pool, bowling, mini golf, bars, and restaurants. You cannot visit Marmaris without going to one of these water parks. However, remember to include other activities in your trip because all the fun may entice you to go to water parks every day.


Dolphin Park

Marmaris Dolphin Park is ideally a rehabilitation centre for children with disabilities. However, it attracts people from all over the world. You can organise for a single or a group swim with the dolphins. The park allows these swims for children above twelve years and from between eight and twelve years but accompanied by an adult. This is a great experience that you should consider having.


The Marina

marmaris marina


If you like to take scenic walks, the Marmaris Marina is a great place to go. You can have a drink and a snack on the bay and walk along to see the beautiful docked boats and a nice view of the sea. You could also opt to dock your boat if you are coming from a different area. There are many marinas to choose from when it comes to docking your boat. The good thing about a visit to the marina is that it will only take a short time and can comfortably fit into your schedule if you are not in Marmaris for a very long time.




Historical Sites

marmaris historical sides


Marmaris is rich in historical sites that you should visit on your vacation. Havsa Sultan Caravanserai was built in 1545 and is a magnificent Ottoman structure. It has one big room and seven smaller rooms and is now used to serve the souvenir shops as it is a beautiful tourist attraction. It is located by the narrow street leading to the castle.

Another site to behold would be the IbrahimAga Mosque. In Kimeralti district lies this historical preserve showcasing great architecture which was built in 1789. You should also visit the Tomb of Sariana. Built in the Ottoman style as well, this tomb was built in Memory of Sariana who used to give prophecies. It is located on the north east slopes of Marmaris.

The Park of Archeology in Lyilik Rocks is also a site to visit. The park is in central Marmaris preserve of the 4th century BC archaeological ruins. Tashan and Kemerli (Arched) Bridge should also feature in your stopover. These arched bridges were built in 1552 by Suleyman the Magnificent and are made of stones and bricks. Other places to visit would be Marmaris Old Town and Grand Bazaar. This place still serves as a bazaar and a marketplace. In the spirit of old things, you can consider visiting Amos Bay and Ruins which overlook Kumlubuk bay and which can be accessed by Asarick Hills.



marmaris museums


One of the general rules about travelling is that you have to visit museums in the area. You will be pleased to discover that Museums in Marmaris have a lot to offer. Marmaris Museum in Marmaris Castle is located on the hills behind Marmaris Marina. You can see artefacts from the Roman, Hellenistic and Byanzanite periods at the museum.

The Marmaris Halici Ahmet Urkay Museum, on the other hand, is a private museum catering to archaeology and ethnography.  It houses earthenware, coins, weapons, glassware, ornaments and sculptures of archaeological pieces belonging to different time periods.  These are the two museums in Marmaris, and they preserve a world of knowledge about different time periods.




marmaris beachesOne of the main reasons for visiting an island resort is to enjoy sun and sand on beautiful beaches. Marmaris beaches also offer this allure and should be fully taken advantage of during your vacation. There are many beaches to choose from. Some of these beaches also offer suntan beds to relax on all day, on a first-come first-serve basis.

Marmaris Urban Beach is the most popular one as it is conveniently located in central Marmaris. It is, therefore, easy to access at all times. It has clean sand and clear water and is free of charge. In addition to this, the Marmaris Municipality host different events and organisations on the beach during the year. Marmaris Long Beach, also known as Uzunyali Beach is right next to the urban beach.

There are bars, restaurants, cafes and shops that sell sunglasses and sandals among other things. The beach is perfect from April through to November.  It stretches ten kilometres all the way to Icmeler Beach which has fine golden sand. This beach stretches six kilometres and offers skiing, banana boats, parasols and parasailing among other things. The beach is cleaned at night to ensure that it is always suitable for relaxation through the day.

Turunc Beach is on the West of Marmaris. It offers calm sea and a beautiful landscape as it is nestled between forest hills. While there are many tourists at any given time, the beach offers a serene environment for relaxation and rest. The Cleopatra Island Beach is another beautiful place. It is easily accessible and not overcrowded. It is located 16 kilometres from Marmaris and offers golden sand which is popular with locals and tourists.


Kızkumu Beach



kızkumu28 kilometres away from Marmaris lies Kizkumu Beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches and most popular with tourists. You should take a walk in the middle of the bay which is tied to a legend. The story goes that a lady who is in love tries to pass by the sea to reach her love by filling her skirt with sand. When she runs out of sand, she drowns. Daylan Iztuzu Beah is another attraction.

It is one of the best swimming spots as it is the home to loggerhead turtles. It is open during the day but night visits from 8p.m. to 8a.m. are prohibited from May to September. This is necessary to avoid disturbing the nesting sites of these turtles.

There are other beaches than you can also choose to visit including Kumlubuk Beach which is located 6 kilometres away from Turunc, Gunnucek, Ciftlik and Cennet (Paradise) Island Beach.


The Youth Square and Nightlife



marmaris squareMarmaris Square and Singing Fountains are a great attraction. The square used to have a tall building that housed fast food shops and a supermarket. To restore balance within the community and discourage other developers from copying the building, it was destroyed and replaced by this square which is known as the Youth Square.

This square is the favourite place for concerts and events. If you would like to experience the nightlife in Marmaris, then the square should be on your list of places to visit. There are two-night shows for the singing fountains at 9 and 10:30 p.m. The fountains dance along to music and are decorated with light and choreography. Visiting the square can be slotted into a night at a time that coincides with the fountain show.

This will ensure that you enjoy the best that metropolitan Marmaris has to offer. You could also check online for any concerts or events that are to be held at the arena during your visit so you can slot one into your schedule.

Marmaris Bar Street is a short 500-metre walk from central Marmaris. It is full of clubs, discos, bars, fun, and music. And is the best place to maximise on the nightlife in Marmaris. If you follow the Venice reason during peak season, you will be amazed at the crowds of people having fun.

There are also tattoo parlours, ornament and food shops on Bar Street and they are open till late in the night to cater to revellers. Some of the most popular clubs and bars include Rock Bar, Bar-X Cocktail and Dance Bar, Club Arena, Greenhouse Dance Club, Backstreet Disco and Crazy Daisy Bar and Nightclub.


Villages Tour


You should not miss one of the main Places to See and Visit in Marmaris. What is a vacation if you do not get to experience the culture of the indigenous people? You can experience the culture and meet the local people in rural Marmaris Villages. This tour includes sightseeing and discovering the countryside and village life.  The tour includes towns that are nearby Marmaris and usually starts early in the morning and ends at around 5:30 p.m.

Icmeler, located 8 kilometres from Marmaris is one of the most popular accommodation areas. It also has the best coves. Turunc, located 20 kilometres from Marmaris is also a popular one as it is a coastal village with one of the best beaches. 25 kilometres away from Marmaris is Kumlubuk whose hills and coasts have one of the best hiking tracks and ecological tourism opportunities in the world. Hisaronu, Orhaniye, and Bayir are other Marmaris Villages that are included in the tour. You also get to sample the local cuisine as made by the locals in each of these villages.


Visiting Marmaris on a budget can be very limiting


With all the sites to see and places to explore, visiting Marmaris on a budget can be very limiting. There are so many places to see and visit in Marmaris and surroundings. You have to adequately prepare yourself beforehand, save up and book hotels and flights in advance to maximise on your savings. If you travel in a group, this might minimise your expenses and make the trip more memorable as well.

However, it is important to note that, at the end of the day, you will probably not be able to see all of what Marmaris has to offer even if you are on a month-long vacation. The trick is to make contacts on your first trip and keep going back. This often helps you get better discounts on subsequent trips. It is paramount that you know all the options that you have before you travel.

Divide Marmaris into locations and discover each of the activities and sites that you can get involved in or visit within a given radius. This way, you get places to see and visit in Marmaris and surroundings in the same region. If you are visiting for about two weeks, you can be able to cover two sections if you prioritise your activities.

The other convenient option is to hire a tour guide to spend time with you. This helps in navigation and also in learning more about the places you get to visit. Some hotels offer such services. Other hotels have packages that you can pick from. Each is specially designed to include a variety of places to see and visit in Marmaris and surroundings.