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Diving is an experiance tickelling everyones curiosity about the undewater life and its wonders. That reality shell drag us to the point of a big question- What we know about the World we living in and what hides unknown yet.

People think that for diving with us they have to be trained already and that  is something they will never succeed. This is how they keep being loosers. Nobody is born as a diver. This is why we are here to let you have your very first experiance. Our organisation is a school for beginners. About 70 % of our clients on the boat are the ones who wants to try. And the rest are proffesional. The programs for beginners and professionals are different of course.

Note:People who cant swimm think they cant succeed. This is a great mistake because swimming is the art to survive on the surface of the water, as diving is under the water plus with special breathing equipments which makes it so easy.

Its important to say that nondivers are welkome as well. If a family with a few members wants to be togather but not all wants to dive then the quests can join the boat and enjoy the sun on the second deck, jumping and swimming off the boat while we are under the water with the rest.

Important details of the day

Divers will have two dives at two different points in Marmaris Bay. Both of the dives will reach up to 6(six)meters. After a few lessons about your behaviour and conversation signals under the water you will learn how to wear the diving suit and the breathing equipments.

When you are ready you will get on the platform at the bottem of the boat and slowly leave yourself in the water with a big step forward. Both dives will be hand to hand with the instructor. Even the most proffesional divers never dive alone. This is the most important rule.

Note:Happy Diving Center is the only diving scool with 5 licensed diving instructors in Marmaris.

7 hours
Included in Price
  • Pick up,
  • Drop back,
  • Lunch,
  • Snorkelling equipments
  • Guiding
  • insurance

Excluded in Price

  • Drinks
  • Ice cream
  • snacks,
  • Pictures and video
  • Swimming costume
  • sun cream
  • towel
  • sun glasses
  • snorkelling equipments
  • Money
  • Camera
  • 0-6   FREE
  • 7-12  HALF PRICE
  • 12-&  FULL PRICE



  • Pick up :09:15
  • Departure:10:00
  • Diving stop at Paradise island) each dive 30 min):11:30
  • Lunch time:13:00
  • Swimming stop at Phosphorus cave:14:00
  • 2nd diving stop at Kumblubuk bay( each dive 30 min):15:30
  • Heading back to Marmaris horbour:17:00
  • Returnal to Marmaris horbour:17.30

Note:Pick up times for Icmeler and Turunc are different. Please consider the pick up times written on your  booking vocher send to your e-mail.

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