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Turkish Bath, what we call Hamam spread its roots all the way back in time of Ottoman Empire. While France was improving their perfume factory to smell good Ottomans prefered to get cleaned for that reason.

Turkish bath starts with relaxation in a room (known as the warm room) sauna ,that is heated by a continuous flow of hot, dry air, allowing the bather to perspire freely. Bathers may then move to an even hotter room (known as the hot room) before they wash in cold water. After performing a full body wash and receiving a massage, bathers finally retire to the cooling-room for a period of relaxation.


Ottoman’s Turkish bath approach

The Ottomans in particular became prolific patrons of baths, building a number of ambitious structures, particular in Constantinople after it became their capital in 1453. The monumental baths designed by Renaissance Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan (1489–1588), such as the stand-alone 1584 “Çemberlitaş Hamamı”, the bath in the complex of the 1558 Süleymaniye Mosque (both in Constantinople) and the bath of the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne were particularly influential.

Whats sturcture is Turkish bath like?

The turkish bath usually has a large dome decorated with small glass windows that create a half-light; it also contains a large marble stone called  (tummy stone) at the center that the customers lie on, and niches with fountains in the corners. This room is for soaking up steam and getting scrub massages. The warm room is used for washing up with soap and water and the soğukluk is to relax, dress up, have a refreshing drink, sometimes tea, and, where available, a nap in a private cubicle after the massage.

The hamam, like its precursors, is not exclusive to men. Turkish bath complexes usually contain separate quarters for men and women; or males and females are admitted at separate times. Because they were social centers as well as baths, hamams became numerous during the time of the Ottoman Empire and were built in almost every Ottoman city.

Prosedures of  Turkish Bath

Today everyone has a shower at home which is necessery in our daily life. But it still doesnt replace our traditional Turkish Bath. As a difference to a normal shower, which only wash your sweat, Turkish Bath is combined of three prosedures.

1-Sauna– Entering a room covered with special wood producing very refreshing aroma while your enjoying the steam inside. Body start sweating and throwing all uselles toxins out of the skin through the spores on the surface.

2- Scrub– After the sauna we move to another room covered with marreble which we call Hamam. In the middle is a raund big marble stone used to lay on and relax. Its underheated and deffinitely helps to ease your musseles. So this is when a staff called(tellak) gently scrub your body (exfoliating) and take all the dead skin off of very surface. Its prooved that helps for getting better sunten.

3-Soap-Very spesial method to cover all your body with soap that helps the last peace of dead skin split away.

NOTE:  – Oil massage- or aroma therapy is normally not a part of the Turkish Bath. But for commersial reasons you will always see it recommended at the end.




  • Everyday / 1st April-31october

2 Hours

  • Pick up
  • Drop back
  • Guiding
  • Sauna
  • Scrub
  • Soab massage
  • Drinks
  • Ice cream
  • snacks
  • Pictures
  • Swimming costume
  • Money
  • Camera




1 st Session:    Pick up: 10:00    Starting: 10:30   Finish:12:00   Return:12:30

2 nd Session:    Pick up: 13:00    Starting: 13:30   Finish:15:00   Return:15:30

3 th Session:    Pick up: 15:00    Starting: 15:30   Finish:17:00   Return:17:30

4 th Session:    Pick up: 17:00    Starting: 17:30   Finish:19:00   Return:19:30

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Tour Reviews

4.80 based on 5 reviews
August 16, 2016

No pressure to buy. Best there
I went for 7 days at the beginning of July. Walking past they don’t pressure you so this is the main reason I went in.
I only went to this one so can’t compare but the prices was so cheap. 10 for the Turkish bath from 10am-12pm. All inclusive boat trip from 9am-5pm. Highlight of the holiday. They did offer us a free night for two hours on a boat to but our own drinks which we didn’t attend. I even went back here to exchange money as they we’re so reliable. Would recommend. Couple from birmingham. 5 stars!

August 16, 2016

Holiday that I’ve always wanted!
This was my first time in Marmaris with my boyfriend Lewis and we loved every moment of it thanks to the wonderful help of Brendan! Me and Lewis were very cautious and were undecided when it came to booking excursions because we had heard of some bad stories when it came to unreliable companies. However Brendan welcomed us into the shop, gave us all the information we needed to know, gave us a fantastic deal that was in our budget and allowed us to fulfil our hopes for the holiday, showed us all his insurance certificates and also showed his trip advisor to allow us to look at other customers experiences. After booking my excursions I felt so comfortable and happy as I knew I was getting to do everything I wanted to safely. We done loads of excursions like – the last day boat trip, quad safari, talk of the town, scuba diving , water park , turtle beaches and Turkish bath. The scuba diving experience is absolutely fantastic which left me and my boyfriend blown away with what Marmaris had to offer. All excursions that we took part in helped to make our holiday fantastic and unforgettable. The only issue we had with our package deal was one of the mornings of an excursion, the bus never picked us up from our hotel because the road was to narrow for the bus to fit. Once Brendan had heard he came rushing down to our hotel and took us to the shop and explained to us the reason why, then took us to our excursion destination. If I was ever returning to Marmaris ( which I fully intend to) I will not hesitate to use Brendan’s services again as he was an asset to the company and understood fully what we wanted to gain from our holiday. Full marks for this guy

May 16, 2017

Excellent service
We booked five excursions mega diana boat trip, dalyan and turtle beach mud baths, Turkish bath, village trip and Rhodes trip. All of which were excellent and good value for money. Brendan was very helpful and picked us up from our hotel. Will definitely book with brendan next time we come to marmaris.. Thanks Brendan…

May 21, 2017

Excellent service
myself my husband and our friends stayed in marmaris in the beginning of July this being our second time there, previously we had booked our trips through our rep and had been left very disappointed when on a few occasions we weren’t picked up for trips.
So this year I took to trip advisor to find a good company that was reliable.

I had been in contact with Brendan through email before our arrival and he had arranged to pick us up from our hotel on the morning we arrived any one who knows me knows how impatient I am and I’m always on time and get frustrated having to wait for people, so when Brendan turned up at exactly the time he said put me at ease straight away. when we arrived at his shop we were given ice cold effes while Brendan went through all the excursions he offers, we opted for 8 outings which came in at a very reasonable price with a 15% discount added on, we were then dropped back off at our hotel.
We had trips booked for nearly every day and Brendan had written down the times of pick up and drop off for all outings, and for every trip we were picked up within 5/10 minutes of our pick up time and we were told to allow 15 minutes either way for traffic etc
We are absolutely delighted with the service we received from Brendan and can’t thank him enough for making our holiday perfect.
We have already booked our holiday for next August where there will be 12 of us and we will be making sure we book our trips with Brendan again

February 16, 2018

Very good, but one or two things could be improved.
Me and a group of friends booked four excursions with Marmaris Excursions (Yagna Tour), which were Turkish Bath, All-inclusive Boat Trip, Dalyan and Ephesus/Pammukale. I will comment about them separately:
Costumer service: Those trips were booked through Brendan, from Yagna Tour. He was very friendly and helpful since the first email I sent. In Marmaris we met to arrange the last details. I cannot complain: everything was very well organized, he made clear what we were buying and didn’t try to push things that we didn’t want.
Turkish Bath: It was very nice experience, though not very traditional. The place looked like a spa. However, it was worth the try and I can recommend it.
All-inclusive Boat trip: It was our least favorite excursion. For four reasons: 1- We found out that it wasn’t our thing. We wanted to relax and swim in Turkish blue waters. We did only the second, because this boat is a party boat with very loud music all the time. 2- Service was under expectation to say the least. The crew was, with very few exceptions very rude, specially a guy with a kind of long hair and wolf tattoo. He was the rudest and many times shouted to the passengers. (3) The all-inclusive is not so all inclusive. The beer was warm for a good amount of time and the vodka very regulated. Only soda and water were easy to get. (4) The boat was packed with beach chairs. There wasn’t much space for walking. Despite all that, we had our fun and didn’t regret to make this trip, because we overlooked all these and focused in the beautiful nature of the region.
Dalyan: That was our favorite and totally opposite of the all-inclusive boat-trip. The boat was spacious and the crew very polite. Moreover, it was extremely well-organized, as it required a change from the big boat to smaller ones and everything worked very well. The highlight is turtle beach, where you can actually swim with real and huge turtles. Highly recommended.
Ephesus/Pammukale: This two-day trip was overall very good. Well-organized, the hotel where we stayed was very confortable, the food was also very good and the sights (Ephesus/Pammukale and Hierapolis) are 100% worthy to visit. However, we spent in my opinion to little time at the sights (2 hours in Ephesus and 3 hours in Pammukale-Hierapolis complex) and too much in many little shops where you can buy the almost same things you can buy in Marmaris but in a higher price.
To sum up, despite some details, my opinion is that everything was worthy to do. We had the opportunity to get to know a lot of places in a very little time for a very good price. Brendan in his team are very professional and have my recommendation.

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