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Marmaris Jeep safari is the best choice for the ones who’d like to see more about country side and our nomadian life, want to have some lauph with water wars accuring while you are off road. The best familiy day. There are many options for an unusual vacation. If you want to do an event that you have not done before on your vacation, Marmaris jeep safari tour is just for you. Especially if you like visiting canyons that attract tourists and if you want to see the natural beauty of the Aegean region, Marmaris jeep safari tour is just what you are lookng for.

Book it right now you wont regret.

The convoy of jeeps with different faces from different places come togather at the beginning of the day. Marmaris Jeep safari proceeds about neigbourhood of Marmaris visiting villages where you can participate the local life. Turgut waterfall based not far the Turgut village itself is a place where you can dive from the rocks and enjoy the green of this region. Jesus Beach is a naturel sand bank you can pretent walking across the water and no doubt the wishing tree, which is a very old and huge tree where you can try your chance with the lottery lol.

Please dont thing that the whole day is stuck in the jeep. Every maximum half an hour we have breaks for particular reasons like having your lunch, picturing the nature, visiting the villages, swimming stops etc. But sametimes even for last minute number 1 and number 2 around the largest three in the area.

We are confident that you will have a completely different experience

Discovering the specific spots of Marmaris which has the most beautiful natural beauty of Muğla, our team organizes daily safari tours during the season. Travelers who are satisfied with this matter even prefer 2-3 day packages. From the waterfalls of the Aegean region to clay ponds, it is possible to visit every region within a day. We are confident that you will have a completely different experience in groups of 30-50 people with our  Marmaris jeep safari vechicals which are very comfortable and safe.

We would like to state that we are in control of the region we are talking about. You can already be ready for the unique experience that you will experience during the tour of Marmaris jeep safari. During the tour we would like to add that you will have the possibility of meeting different cultures. Safari tours have been doing for many years and our team is very professional in this regard. You will not be able to predict the number of places you will see until the end of the evening tour at the beginning of the morning in the morning.

Do not forget to photograph your joyful moments on the Jeep journey, and of course share it on social media. You will live with our company which brings a different dimension to the tourism sector and will make the safari experience indispensable for your vacation. Do not forget to reserve your place in advance and experience the pleasures of these fun-filled moments with our expert team.


Jeep safari is available from a wide range of resorts

Marmaris Jeep safari is available from Marmaris, Icmeler, Armutalan, Beldibi and Turunc everyday of the summer season starting from 01 st of april till end of october. Its definitely one of the best 3 excursions in the area as it is a combination of swimming breaks, water wars, nomadian country side, off road journey and nature. Appeals to all kind of mentality and age.

Jeeps break down on purpose while you are crossing small river beds where everybody get soaked to the bones. The weather is so hot that you will be longing for it.

No age limit required,suitable even for people with walking disabilities, as we will help them not to miss even a bit of the fun of the day.

NOTE:Every jeep in our convoy has seat belts for every single passenger and drivers are very experianced.İts a speed limit of 50km/h we stricktly obey. Your safety ıs our prior duty.


  • Everyday
Duration: 6 Hours

Included in Price:

  • Pick up,
  • Drop back,
  • Lunch,
  • Guiding
  • insurance

Excluded in Price:

  • Drinks
  • Ice cream
  • Snacks
  • Water guns


  • 0-6   FREE
  • 7-12  HALF PRICE
  • 12-&  FULL PRICE


  • Pick up :09:15Departure:10:00
  • Off road track with water war and river splashs:11:00
  • Stop at Orhaniye(Jesus beach) for swimming:12:30
  • Break for a Lunch at Degirmenyanı village:13:30
  • Visit of Turgut Watefall for 1 hour:14:30
  • Off road journey and water war leading towards Turunc:15:30
  • Sightseeing stop over Icmeler:16:30
  • Back to Marmaris:17:00

Note:Pick up times for Icmeler and Turunc are different. Please consider the pick up times written on your  booking vocher send to your e-mail.

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February 16, 2016

Amazing time in Marmaris
If you’re traveling to Marmaris, you should definitely visit Yagna Tour! There’s a guy there, named Brendan, who is an expert of great activity offers, speaks very good english and has a funny similarity with Leonardo Dicaprio. 🙂 Marmaris is an awesome place both for relaxing and having some joyful time doing all the exciting stuff the place could offer! My personal favorite was jeep safari, nobody should miss it! Have fun in Marmaris! 🙂

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