Holiday in Marmaris
holiday in marmaris

Marmaris holiday destination should be the next?


Marmaris is a town in Turkey,  along the Mediterranean coast in the region of Mugla. Though the town has close to 28,000 inhabitants, the population can increase to 250,000 during the tourist season.


There are tons of exciting activities to enjoy during your Marmaris holiday. Some of the things that will fascinate you include great beaches, a variety of bars and restaurants, and lots of shopping with incredible bargains. Marmaris has a vibrant nightlife with a street dedicated to dance music and clubbing. With its vast outdoor dance venues, Bar Street offers the best of clubbing experience and will appeal to the most discerning clubbers.


Marmaris holiday is also great for some family vacation. Exciting and affordable excursions like boat trips can take you round the bay and to nearby towns like Turunc and Icmeler. Marmaris boasts of two water parks, and local travel agents provide trips to Ephesus, Fethiye, Dalyan, Pamukkale and other well-known locations in Western Turkey.


Trip to the Horbour


A trip to the harbor area of Marmaris reveals that the town is not merely for the package holidaymaker. There you will find those who can spend as much as $1000 on a pair of sunglasses as well as ocean going yachts valued at $10 million.

You can easily get a daily cruise to take you around the ruins of ancient cities, steep shoreline, turquoise coves and a cave surrounding Marmaris. All you need to do is take one of the yachts stationed along the waterfront of the city center which can accommodate up to 20 passengers. For your convenience and pleasure, take a tour plying the bay in an anticlockwise direction. Make sure you book a seat at least one day to the tour not to risk this butifull day of your  Marmaris holiday.


Some of the trips in Marmaris


Jeep Safari To visit the villages, beaches, waterfalls and mountains surrounding Marmaris.

Turkish BathAlso known as Hamam, this is a traditional Turkish bath with body peel, sauna, foam, and oil massage.

Turkish NightThis is a night of awesome entertainment where a variety of traditional Turkish food is the main menu. One of the highlights of the night is dancing. You will love the belly dancers.

Additionally, trips to Dalyan turtle beach and mud baths, Lycia,EphesusPamukkale are also available.

dalyan tekne turuThere are many shops in Marmaris that sell the usual tourist fodder and local specialties like carpets and Turkish delights. Fake and inexpensive designer clothes are quite common in the market, but the quality can be surprisingly impressive. You can also find original leather at a good price.


Hairdressing and beauty treatment are available at reasonable prices but beware of tattoo hygiene if you choose to get inked. There are a variety of restaurants that serve Turkish, Dutch, and English delicacies at low prices on the beachfront main road. Tourist are assured of their safety during their  Marmaris holiday as special local police called Zabita monitor and shut down establishments that cause trouble for tourists


Money Saving Tips for a Marmaris Tourist


Many establishments especially restaurants will accept international currencies such as Pounds, Dollars, and Euros. You will get a discount for your purchase when you spend over the specific amount.


There are several supermarkets in Marmaris where you can buy different brands of food at lower prices if you decide not to eat out. For drinks, the local beer called Efes is served everywhere. Ayran is another drink worth giving a try. It is both refreshing and nutritious. Remember however to shake properly since the yogurt usually settles at the bottom.


You can also find foreign beers like Becks, Fosters or Budweiser in some restaurants, but they are quite expensive. Wine is sold at an exorbitant price and seems to be all local. Tang is another drink you will relish. An alternative to fruit juice many hotels in Marmaris provides this drink for their guests. It is manufactured by Kraft and comes in sachets.


 Nightlife and Bar Street

night life in marmaris

Marmaris is known for its exciting nightlife. Many small bars located along the beachfront offer the ideal spot to watch the warm sunset. Bar street is home to over 100 clubs and bars ranging from club arenas to rock bars. All clubs and bars are open until at least 4 am. However, beware when hitting the bottles at Bar street as they are more expensive than those at Beachfront. Entry to most clubs are without charge, and sometimes special offers are available. Shortly its something for everyone while they are in Marmaris holiday.



There are many hotels to choose from in Marmaris. Before you make reservations, it is advisable to check online for hotels and the services they offer. Choose a hotel that suits you.

marmaris hotels

All inclusive deals are excellent value but look out for bed, breakfast and half board since some hotels may not allow you bring in food and drinks into their buildings. This would mean depending on their provisions which will not be cost effective. In self-catering properties, ensure that you handle furnishings and appliances with care as you will be charged for damages.


High-speed hydrofoils and ferries leave for Rhodes and Greece several times on a daily basis from Marmaris. While on your  Marmaris holiday, you can seize the opportunity to visit another country and check out its culture. Marmaris enjoys superb temperature from may to October, and long summers. It makes it the right destination if you’re looking sea, sun, and sand.


Whether you are an explorer, culture vulture, party freak, or you only want to have fun with your family, Marmaris holiday offers a variety of mind-blowing activities to keep you engaged and entertained. The water sports, boat trips, side trips, and cuisines make Marmaris the place to spend your next holiday.


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